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Good companies listen to their customers. Great companies are defined by them; by their needs, by their expectations and by their values. At Multibrand Professional, we believe in creating a partnership with every customer that lasts way beyond the delivery of a new commercial appliance.

And while we can repair pretty well any brand of professional laundry appliance in the UK, we want you to be 100% satisfied when you buy new equipment from us and for that reason we only partner with the best manufacturers in the world. So whether it’s Miele and Electrolux in Europe or Alliance in the USA, you can be sure that your new machine, carefully selected together, will perform beautifully and give years of trouble free service.

Why not add your input to what defines us by calling today on 0333 332 1998 and speaking to one of our friendly team.

Multibrand Professional: Delivered by Us, Defined by You.

Helo Cymru, rydym yn Multibrand
03rd. July 2018

Helo Cymru, rydym yn Multibrand
Miele, the German brand whose laundry appliances are legendary in the commercial sector, have been having a bit of a shuffle around within thei...
Post-Brexit price hike for Commercial Laundry Equipment
07th. November 2016

Post-Brexit price hike for Commercial Laundry Equipment
With all of the best commercial laundry and dishwashing equipment originating outside of the UK, the slump in the value of Sterling has finally cau...
Tanks For Everything...
29th. September 2016

Tanks For Everything…
Thought Miele only produced amazing laundry equipment? Think again. The new range of Professional Tank dishwashers sets new standards in perform...

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